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The easy and affordable way to legally release your cover songs


Let us negotiate with the publishers on your behalf.

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BandCamp or SoundCloud

Get licenses to release a cover song on BandCamp or SoundCloud.

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Cover Song Licensing

Get a mechanical license to release your cover song on CD, tape, vinyl, or as a digital download.

Licensing Questions

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Only $12 + royalties per song

Affordable Song Licensing is the most affordable and straightforward way to release your rendition of a song that you didn’t write. There are no complex volume discounts or terms in fine print that will catch you off-guard at checkout. We want to keep it simple, AND AFFORDABLE. $12 plus royalties will get you proof that we licensed your song according to the steps required by Compulsory Law . It’s that easy.

License your cover song

After you’ve given us the song(s) you’re covering on your release, we track down the rights owner and provide you with a confirmation to purchase the licenses. After your payment clears, we send out the required notices and royalties to the copyright holder. You will instantly receive a downloadable Licensing Certificate after the notices and royalties have been sent.

What are mechanical licenses? What do I get as Proof of Licensing?


ASL representatives are available by e-mail or phone Monday - Friday from 9:00am-6:00pm EST. If you have any questions about your project or whether your song requires a license, feel free to contact our support team and someone will help get you the answers you need.

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How Mechanical Licensing Works

Submit your cover song info
Submit the song title and original artist of the song you are covering along with a few other details about your release.
An ASL agent finds the publishing information
Your ASL licensing agent will find the publishing information with a breakdown of publishing splits when multiple songwriters and/or publishers are involved on one song.
Pay for your licenses
Pay for your licenses via PayPal or with a mailed checked.
ASL sends notices and payment to publisher
Your ASL licensing agent will mail the required notices and royalty payments to the publisher on your behalf to ensure that you are legally covered to release your cover song.
You receive proof of licenses
ASL provides you with a digital proof of licensing and you’re good to go!