Affordable Song Licensing


"Started by artists, for artists." - Scott Cole, Owner

Starving artist: An artist who sacrifices material well-being to focus on their artwork, often living on minimum expenses because their disposable income goes toward projects.

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The purpose of art is not profit, but let's be honest:

Being an artist costs money.

Between gear, software, studio time, plug-ins, musicians, merch, workshops, gas, fast food, and those random surprises that seem to happen at the worst possible time—it all adds up.

So when it comes to licensing cover songs, we wanted to make sure that there was an affordable option for artists at every level.

Musicians need a break, and they need our support. They need to know there are people and companies that exist to help them succeed without costing an arm and a leg.

That's where we come in.

I started Affordable Song Licensing in 2016 to offer my knowledge and experience to other artists at a price that works for everyone.

As an artist myself, I have released close to a thousand cover songs in the last decade. I have tried multiple third-party licensing services during that time, and every interaction left me feeling like something was missing. Costs were all over the place, and customer support was in rare supply. Everyone wants to make money, but nobody is putting artists first.

Affordable Songs Licensing wants to provide you with a simple and cost-effective licensing solution.

In 2022, Affordable Song Licensing offers lower licensing fees than any other third-party cover song licensing company. We help you save on the licensing so you can invest it in other areas of your creative process.

What are you waiting for? Make the switch today, and start saving money!

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Casey Cole grew up in the Drive Thru Records era of pop-punk, listening to New Found Glory, Relient K, and Fall Out Boy.

Traveling and touring through most of his twenties, he settled down as a children’s musician after becoming a father in 2013.

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Whitney Ulm grew up in the 90s grunge era, listening to bands like Nirvana, Bush, and Weezer.

Through her twenties, she found herself gravitating toward emo and hardcore outfits like The Get Up Kids, Thursday.

In 2022, she can be found in the ASL offices filling out your paperwork and listening to Gleemer.