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What do I need to distribute my cover song?

If you’re distributing your cover song to all streaming platforms, and your digital distributor has sent you here, then you need a license for digital downloads. In order for your cover song to be distributed to all partner stores, (including ones that offer digital downloads like iTunes, Amazon), you will need to obtain a mechanical license. Your distributor will want proof that the proper licenses are in place.

What about a license for streaming? Do I need that?

The short answer: Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL and the majority of other large streaming platforms already pay out streaming royalties to publishers for cover songs. So you don’t need to worry about interactive streams on these platforms... just digital downloads.

The longer answer: The Mechanical Licensing Collective is now responsible for administering blanket licenses to streaming platforms that are eligible. The Mechanical Licensing Collective collects data and royalties from these eligible streaming platforms, and pays those royalties to the appropriate rights holders/publishers.

How do I get the right license?

You can get a cover song license for your digital downloads right here on our site.

1. Sign up (that big red button down there)
2. Tell us about you
3. Type in your song information
4. Pay
5. Get your license!

How do I know how many downloads I am going to sell?

Since a cover song license is required by digital distributors, this is one of our most frequently asked questions. We suggest estimating how many downloads you will sell in the release’s first year. If you are unsure, or don’t think you will sell many downloads due to the industry’s shift to streaming, we have a minimum quantity of 25 digital downloads.

When filling out your song information, be sure to select DIGITAL DOWNLOAD as your Licensing Format, and select a minimum quantity of 25.


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