Affordable Song Licensing


$13 + Royalties PER SONG. That's it!

$13/song ASL Fee:

This is the fee we charge for tracking down your songwriter(s) and publisher(s), filling out your paperwork, and putting together your Mechanical Licensing Certificate. As artists ourselves, we have worked to keep this price as low as we can. We’re proud to have the lowest fee out of any third party licensing agency.*


This is calculated based on the length of your song and the quantity of units you are licensing. Royalties are calculated in real time when you’re submitting your cover song information, so feel free to play around and see what the difference in royalties is between 25 downloads and 2000 downloads. Royalty rates are set by copyright law and are the same regardless of which third party licensing agency you use. To learn more about royalty calculations, click HERE.

No Additional Fees Per Format:

We charge $13 + royalties per song, and that's it. No additional fee because you want to release it on CD and on digital platforms. The $13 is per song, and that's it. Don't let other places charge you multiple fees for multiple formats.

Best Price Guarantee:

While we don’t offer volume discounts or annual memberships for discounted rates, we do offer a best price guarantee. Our $13 ASL fee is already so low, it’s difficult for anyone else to beat it. However, if someone says they can, give us a call first.

*Lowest fees are for standalone mechanical licenses only. This doesn’t include when third parties may run sales or promotions.