Affordable Song Licensing


What does Affordable Song Licensing do?

Mechanical Licensing:

We have years of experience following the steps outlined in Circulars 73A and 73B to obtain compulsory mechanical licenses. We also offer the lowest fees online through a third party*.

Our website has been designed for you to quickly and easily send us the information about your cover song(s). Click HERE to setup an account and submit the information about your release.

After we receive your information and payment, we track down the rights owner and provide you with a Mechanical Licensing Certificate.

* Not including when third parties may run sales or promotions. Lowest fees are for standalone mechanical licenses only.

Licensing Questions?:

Lost? Confused? Unsure? Have questions about your songs and want to talk to us about it?

Photo phone support

We LOVE talking on the phone, so give us a call:

(323) 776-6475

Someone from our support team will gladly help you navigate any questions you may have about licensing your project.

An ASL Expert will gladly help you navigate these murky waters of mechanical licensing.

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  • Securing cover song licenses
  • Songwriter & copyright holder research
  • Digital proof of licensing
  • Public Domain songs are always FREE